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Corina Elzenaar

More about me

I was born in Giethoorn in 1974 and grew up in my parents' watersports company where I started working at the age of 18. After a very medical process from the age of 13 with, among other things, muscle disease and various stomach problems, I unexpectedly came in contact with massage in 2001. Against all odds, this turned out to be a great fit for me, I am following training after training and I started in Giethoorn in 2003 in a small office unit under the name Butterfly Massage, where I mainly gave shiatsu chair massages and gave classic back / neck massages . This against all odds because my muscle disease should not be possible. However, massage has been my salvation. Doing what was my passion, which I really enjoyed, turned out to be very good for my health.

I continued to develop and got more and more pleasure in giving massages and therefore made the choice in 2007 to stop my work in water sports and to move to Zuidveen where I started Wellnesshoeve Butterfly.

In the beginning this was a combination of massage, beauty and wellness. Over time, more sauna facilities were added and public demand changed. Later it became a private wellness center with overnight options.

This was partly due to my private situation. I got divorced in 2011 and as a single mother of 2 daughters (now 21 and 17 years old) who both have HSP and Dyslexia and the oldest also has PDD-NOS, we have faced various challenges for years. Time and again it was a question of finding the right methods, therapies and balance to be able to help the girls as well as possible and to learn how to deal with their special life challenges. I think it is important that they can be themselves, which does not always fit within current systems. In the last 6 years in particular, we have experienced tremendous personal growth and development as a family. In 2015, a beautiful granddaughter unexpectedly came to the fore who, due to her chronic bowel abnormality, again created additional challenges. But we have all come out better and stronger.

In the summer of 2016, again a child's massage came my way. In the early years I had already done something with this in Giethoorn, and many children's parties were also celebrated in the wellness farm. But this time it was in the form of Touching Child Care. A system that is applied to schools. I felt that this suited me and decided to further develop myself. It had been itching for some time to do more with my knowledge.

In my practice I have noticed over the past 18 years that the physical complaints due to stress have only increased. People hardly even know anymore how really relaxed muscles actually feel. I know how massage can be a valuable addition to this. What it can do with you. Many adults find it difficult to learn, but how beautiful is it to come into contact with this at a young age and thus prevent even physical complaints due to stress?

I have decided to follow my heart and from 2019 I will focus entirely on Happy Kids Massage and I will sell the wellness farm. It is my mission to make the world a little more loving and social with fewer physical complaints as a result of stress, less medication and where children can and may be their unique self.

I have now developed the Happy Kids Massage method. I have issued the Happy Kids Massage Cards with 20 basic grips and have written 3 books as a supplement.


* Happy Kids Massage book for young children from 0 to 6 years

* Happy Kids Massage Book autumn / winter edition for children from 4 to 12 years * Happy Kids Massage book spring / summer edition for children from 4 to 12 years


The materials are suitable for home use, but certainly also for primary schools, daycare centers, playgroups, childminders, BSO, children's coaches and children's yoga lessons. However, for use in groups or in class, following a training course for a good basis is important. Mutual child massage is also a profession in itself that deserves good basic knowledge. Fortunately, a whole trainers network has already emerged with trainers in the Netherlands and Belgium who are happy to provide good training and workshops from their own practice or on location.


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